Modern Buffets

Nicole White
15 min readMay 10, 2024



Welcome to our roundup on modern buffet styles! Get ready to explore a variety of innovative and sustainable options that will elevate your culinary game and leave your guests in awe of your feast. Explore the best in modern buffets, ranging from elegant eco-friendly table settings to creative and interactive food displays.

The Top 10 Best Modern Buffets

  1. Stylish Modern Buffet Sideboard with 3 Drawers and 4 Doors — Gold — Add elegance and functionality to your entryway with this 48"W Modern Freestanding Sideboard Storage Cabinet, featuring 3 top drawers, 4 doors, and a spacious top for display.
  2. Hence Sideboard — Spacious Bay Isle Home Buffet Cabinet — This spacious sideboard from Bay Isle Home is not only attractive and easy to set up, but also boasts top-notch craftsmanship, sturdiness, ample storage, and durability, making it an ideal choice for any ideal home.
  3. Large Walnut Sideboard Board for Entertaining — The Mercury Row Walnut Whetzel 60" Wide Sideboard offers ample storage and an elegant, streamlined design for your living space, with soft close doors for easy access.
  4. Audvik Modern Metallic Buffet Cabinet (Black) — Elevate your decor with the Audvik Sideboard Storage 3x1 Metal Credenza, a chic and versatile modern buffet cabinet with ample storage and a sleek design.
  5. Elegant Large Modern Sideboard Storage — Apricot Cream — Add style and organization to your living space with this versatile 60"L sideboard, featuring minimalist design, adjustable shelves, and ample storage space in apricot cream or white finish.
  6. Modern Blue Sideboard Buffet Storage Cabinet — A modern lacquered 4-door wooden storage cabinet sideboard buffet in blue, featuring classic design, rustic charm, and ample storage for daily essentials.
  7. Modern Sideboard with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors — Gold — A stylish and practical 31.5'’ Modern Style Sideboard with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors in Gold color, perfect for organizing and adding charm to any living space.
  8. Modern, Multifunctional Large Storage Sideboard for Living Room — This versatile White storage sideboard boasts a minimalist design and offers large storage space, making it an ideal choice for a modern, organized living environment.
  9. Minimalist Modern Sideboard with Large Storage and 4 Doors — White — Organize your living space with the stylish and versatile Minimalist Large Storage Space Sideboard, featuring bright colors, adjustable shelves, and a lightweight design.
  10. Modern 4-Door White Buffet Cabinet with Ample Storage — Add elegance to your living space with this Modern Sideboard Buffet Cabinet, offering ample storage in four doors and a sleek white finish.

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Stylish Modern Buffet Sideboard with 3 Drawers and 4 Doors — Gold


This modern, freestanding storage cabinet boasts a sturdy structure crafted from iron and Chinese fir, resulting in a visually appealing and stable design. Its large storage space makes it perfect for organizing living spaces, offering dividers and a spacious top surface for displaying items.

The contemporary design, characterized by simple lines and minimalism, lends flexibility to its usage as a console, self-service server, or an elegant storage solution. Its ease of assembly and maintenance, coupled with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, makes it a practical and visually appealing addition to any home decor.

Hence Sideboard — Spacious Bay Isle Home Buffet Cabinet


I recently had the pleasure of using a Bay Isle Home sideboard for my daily meals, and I must say, it’s a real showstopper. The first thing that stands out is its immense size, providing ample storage for all my favorite dishes. The natural rattan finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the sturdiness of the sideboard ensures that it can handle even the most clumsy of accidents.

The assembly process was a breeze, even though I was working with minimal instructions. It took me no more than an hour to put it together, and I had a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon completing the task. However, I did encounter a few issues with the back panel, which appears to be made of a different kind of material and required some additional adjustments to assemble correctly.

One thing I noticed was the potential for moisture to warp the natural rattan finish, but after some time, it returned to its original form. The doors might not be perfectly flush, but a simple adjustment to the foot plugs at the bottom took care of that issue.

Overall, the Bay Isle Home sideboard is a beautiful and functional addition to any home, providing ample storage space and a touch of sophistication. It’s not perfect, but its pros certainly outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Large Walnut Sideboard Board for Entertaining


Add a touch of warmth and invite guests into your home with the Whetzel Large Buffet Cabinet in Walnut. This roomy sideboard, featuring 4 spacious cabinets, is crafted from kiln-dried solid and engineered wood, giving it an attractive, well-made appearance. The tapered legs and streamlined design make it a versatile addition to any living space. The soft close doors and two fixed shelves provide ample storage for your treasured items.

The sideboard is available at a decent price, making it an excellent value. Assembly required and all necessary tools are included, ensuring an efficient installation process. The product’s key features include its durability and sturdy structure, quality assembly instructions, and ample storage space. Users have shared mixed opinions on the ease of opening and closing the doors, as well as the unaligned holes and potential odor.

Overall, the Whetzel Large Buffet Cabinet in Walnut is a sleek and eye-catching furniture piece that could serve as a beautiful storage solution for your home.

Audvik Modern Metallic Buffet Cabinet (Black)


Recently, I had the opportunity to add a touch of modern flair to my living space with the Audvik Sideboard Storage. The sleek, black metallic frame, boasting a width of nearly 90 inches, has quickly become the centerpiece of my room. Its chrome-finished tubes with glossy ball joints have garnered numerous compliments from my friends and family.

However, I must admit, assembling the sideboard was a bit of a challenge. It took me several attempts and numerous screws to finally see the finished product. Moreover, I had wished for a manual with more accurate measurements. But once I got past the initial install, I found the sideboard to be quite practical. The three spacious interior compartments are perfect for storing various essentials, books, and my newfound plant collection.

I love the design of the sideboard, with its pull-down doors providing easy accessibility while keeping everything hidden from sight. The large surface area at the top even accommodates a vase of flowers and a table lamp, adding a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Overall, the Audvik Sideboard Storage has greatly enhanced my living area, and I’m excited to see how it transforms my dining room.

Elegant Large Modern Sideboard Storage — Apricot Cream


As a professional organizer, I’ve always appreciated a well-designed storage piece. The Minimalist Style 60"L Large Storage Space Sideboard exceeded my expectations! The apricot cream hue complemented my living room decor beautifully, and the adjustable shelves made everything easily accessible.

One of the standout features was the rebound device for the doors. I appreciated how smoothly they closed without banging into the wall. The bright color scheme was a perfect match for my home, and I could easily switch between apricot cream and white depending on my mood.

However, the weight capacity and door dimensions were a bit smaller than I would have liked for a larger living room. I also noticed that there was a slight variation in the color between the product’s image and the actual unit.

Overall, this sideboard was a great addition to my living space, offering elegance and functionality while keeping my items well-organized.

Modern Blue Sideboard Buffet Storage Cabinet


I’ve been using the Modern Lacquered 4 Door Wooden Storage Cabinet Sideboard Buffet in my home for a while now, and it’s been a game-changer. This stunning piece adds a touch of elegance to any room, with its mid-century modern design. The sleek hardware and delicate handles make it a true statement piece.

One of the features that really stands out to me is how reliable this furniture is. Made of strong MDF and engineered wood, it provides reliable support and has a large storage space that’s perfect for daily essentials. I love how it fits seamlessly into my living space and serves its purpose without taking up too much room.

However, there are a few things I wish were different. The compact footprint is both a pro and a con. While it fits nicely into empty spaces, it might not be big enough for those who need more storage. But overall, this versatile and stylish storage solution has been a great addition to my home.

Modern Sideboard with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors — Gold


I recently purchased the 31.5'’ Wide Modern Style Sideboard with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors in Gold to bring a touch of sophistication to my living room. The minimalist style, combined with the sturdy structure, made a unique statement and provided practical storage space. The sideboard’s gold finish perfectly complemented my decor.

The sideboard features 2 drawers and 2 doors, offering ample storage for everyday essentials. The spacious top surface was ideal for placing a vase or a decorative item. The 31.5'’ width made it a perfect fit for small apartments and homes.

Crafted with iron and carbonized bamboo, the sideboard felt durable and stable. It was easy to assemble, making the process hassle-free. The tabletop provided a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, while the drawers and closed cabinet kept my belongings organized.

While the modern style of the sideboard was visually appealing, it could have been more versatile in terms of available finish options. However, the compact dimensions and practical storage features made it a valuable addition to my living space.

Modern, Multifunctional Large Storage Sideboard for Living Room


This minimalist storage sideboard, with its large dimensions of 60 inches in length, offers ample space for storage in your living room, entryway, or dining room. With four doors and a rebound device, it’s a multifunctional cabinet that can house various items, from appliances to books, glassware, and wine.

Made from high-quality MDF and particle board materials, the sideboard is not only stable but also supports up to 70 pounds on its top surface. The bottom base design further adds to its stability. The drawers, measuring 24.8 inches in length and 11.2 inches in width, are perfect for housing smaller items like books, umbrellas, and keys.

This modern buffet cabinet features adjustable shelves, allowing for 3 different heights to meet your requirements, and comes with a smooth sticker finish and framed doors that add a touch of beauty and modernity. The uniquely patterned knobs also give the sideboard a unique and retro appearance.

With a sleek and elegant design, this storage sideboard is not only functional but also an attractive addition to any space, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a versatile and stylish solution to their storage needs.

Minimalist Modern Sideboard with Large Storage and 4 Doors — White


I recently added the Minimalist Large Storage Space Sideboard into my home decor. The sleek, modern design, available in both apricot cream and white, effortlessly fits into my living space, and its bright color scheme enhances the overall aesthetic of the room. The versatility of this sideboard is what truly sets it apart; its adjustable shelves allow me to customize storage according to the size of my items, resulting in a perfectly organized space.

At first, the 60" L 4-door sideboard seemed like quite the investment, but once I started organizing my belongings within its four spacious compartments, I realized just how practical and efficient this addition was. The rebound device is a thoughtful detail that ensures the doors remain securely closed, and the interchangeable wood panels allow for even more customization options.

One negative aspect I experienced with this sideboard was the assembly process. I found the instructions to be less than ideal, and I ended up needing an electric drill to fully assemble the unit. As a result, I’ve decided to periodically check for any loose hardware to maintain the stability of the piece.

Overall, the minimalist sideboard has proven to be a worthwhile investment for my home, providing a visually appealing and highly functional storage solution. Its adjustable shelves and customizable design options make it a top choice for anyone in search of spacious storage options.

Modern 4-Door White Buffet Cabinet with Ample Storage


I recently had the pleasure of trying out this Modern Sideboard Buffet Cabinet, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. The white cabinet with those sleek golden legs and matching handles adds a touch of elegance to any space, making it perfect for the living room, kitchen, or even the bedroom.

What really stood out to me, though, is the ample storage this little beauty provides. With four doors, I found myself able to fit so many items — dishes, bowls, wine glasses, you name it. Not only was it functional, but it also managed to keep everything dust-free.

However, the dimensions did catch me by surprise. At 63 inches wide, it was a bit larger than I anticipated. This might be a minor inconvenience for some, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. Nonetheless, it’s a small price to pay for the style and functionality this piece brings to the table.

Overall, this Modern Sideboard Buffet Cabinet is a worthwhile investment that adds both style and functionality to any home.

Buyer’s Guide

Discover our comprehensive buyer’s guide to modern buffets, designed to arm you with all the crucial information and guidance you need to make the perfect selection for your modern buffet purchase. Following these key tips, you can confidently choose a buffet that meets your storage and aesthetic requirements.


Assess Your Available Space

The available space in your kitchen or dining area is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a modern buffet. Carefully measure the width, depth, and height of the area where you intend to position the buffet, and compare these dimensions with those of the models you are considering. This will help you gauge whether a particular buffet will comfortably fit in your space.

Select a Style That Blends With Your Décor

Modern buffets boast a diverse range of styles, from minimalist and sleek designs to ornate and decorative pieces. To ensure your buffet complements your existing décor, take into account the overall style of your home or the specific room you plan to place the buffet. By choosing a style that harmonizes with your existing décor, your buffet will seamlessly blend into your living space, giving it a natural, cohesive look.


Consider the Material and Finish

The material and finish of your modern buffet can significantly impact your decision-making process. Popular materials for buffets include solid wood, particle board, and MDF. While solid wood is associated with durability and natural aesthetics, particle board and MDF may provide more affordable options. Pay attention to factors such as ease of maintenance, as well as your personal preferences for glossy, matte, or wood-grain finishes. Choose a material and finish that aligns with your needs and tastes.

Evaluate Storage and Organization

Maximizing storage and maintaining a tidy, well-organized buffet is essential for efficiently utilizing your kitchen or dining space. When selecting a modern buffet, consider the shelves, cabinets, and drawers available, as well as any built-in features such as wine racks or spice storage. Ensure the buffet has ample storage capacity and that the storage compartments are conveniently located and easy to use.



What is a modern buffet?

A modern buffet refers to a style of dining where guests serve themselves from a variety of food stations, each offering a different type of cuisine. Unlike traditional buffets that may seem overwhelming or chaotic, a modern buffet focuses on providing a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing dining experience. This type of buffet often features contemporary design elements, well-placed lighting, and an emphasis on food presentation.

Some key aspects of a modern buffet include a curated selection of dishes, a more organized layout, and an emphasis on quality and taste. This approach makes it more inviting and enjoyable for guests to enjoy a diverse range of flavors while still maintaining a sense of order and elegance in the dining space.


What types of cuisines are typically offered at a modern buffet?

Modern buffets often feature a wide range of cuisines, with a focus on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Some common types of cuisine you may encounter at a modern buffet include Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, and American comfort food. Other options could include vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free dishes to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences.

The selection of cuisines at a modern buffet may change based on the location, time of year, or the event’s theme. However, the goal is to offer a diverse and flavorful experience that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences while maintaining the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the buffet.

How can I create a modern buffet at home?

Creating a modern buffet at home can be achieved by focusing on several key elements, including food presentation, organization, and ambiance. Start by selecting a theme or color scheme for the event, which can be used to guide your food and decor choices. Choose dishes that are visually appealing and have a cohesive look, such as using similar plate designs or serving dishes.

Next, consider the layout of your buffet table and how to organize the different cuisine stations. Use risers, stands, or other elevated surfaces to create a visually attractive and functional display for your food. Additionally, make sure to include signage or labels indicating the type of dish at each station. This will help guests easily navigate the buffet and choose their favorite options. Finally, don’t forget to add some finishing touches, such as tablecloths, napkins, and lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.


What are some tips for organizing a modern buffet?

Organizing a modern buffet involves planning and attention to detail. Start by creating a detailed menu that reflects the theme of your event and offers a diverse range of flavors and cuisines. Next, consider the number of guests and the space available for the buffet table. This will help you determine the appropriate number of dishes to prepare and the layout of the buffet.

Once you have a plan in place, focus on food presentation and organization. Use elevated surfaces, such as risers or stands, to create an appealing display for your dishes. Group similar cuisines together, and ensure that ingredients are easily accessible to guests. Finally, don’t forget to add some finishing touches, such as lighting and decor, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when planning a modern buffet?

One of the most common mistakes when planning a modern buffet is overcomplicating the menu or layout. Aim for a curated selection of dishes that showcase a variety of flavors while still maintaining an organized and visually appealing presentation. Additionally, make sure to consider the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests when planning the menu.

Another mistake to avoid is not providing enough staff to manage the buffet. Make sure to have enough helpers to replenish food stations, answer questions, and ensure the buffet runs smoothly throughout the event. Finally, be mindful of food safety by keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use appropriate storage containers and utensils to keep the food at the correct temperature.

How can I ensure that my modern buffet is accessible to guests with dietary restrictions?

To ensure that your modern buffet is accessible to guests with dietary restrictions, include a variety of options that cater to different dietary needs. This could include offering vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free dishes, or providing separate stations for different cuisines. Make sure to clearly label each dish with its ingredients or potential allergens to help guests make informed choices.

It’s also important to have a conversation with your caterer or chef about any specific dietary needs or restrictions. They can help you create a menu that is both delicious and safe for all guests to enjoy. Additionally, ensure that your staff is well-informed about the dietary needs of your guests and can answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the event.

As an Amazon Affiliate™ I receive compensation from qualified purchases at no cost to you.